TANK Microwave Sample Preparation Workstation

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MASTER Of Microwave Technology, Safe, Professional and Efficient

》12-vessel Highthroughput processing capacity, meeting the needs of all kinds of sample preparation;Advanced multicore integrated optical fiber temperature control system, with precise temperature control and uniform digestion;
》UCOS-II operating system, with remote control observation, easy and comfortable operation;
》Aerospace fiber outer vessel, COT real-time temperature and pressure abnormity monitoring system and other multiple safety protection design;
》With over 20 years of experience in the industry Sineo is known as a innovation leader with numerous patents;

The TANK microwave digester has been adhering to the principle and concept of "safe experiement", "efficient and convenient operation" and "durable use" from R&D to production. It can be widely used in routine laboratories and also applied under extreme conditions. TANK adopts advanced dual magnetron non-pulse frequency microwave heating technology, realizing the high power microwave heating & homogeneous heating; TANK has more than 20 safety guarantee technologies to ensure that TANK has high level of safety performance and data accuracy; At the same time, TANK's highly intelligent man-machine dialogue operation system and wireless control module make the experiment process become efficient, convenient and humanized, and bring safe and comfortable experience to users.

Main Features

》Optical fiber temperature control system is safe, meanwhile it can realize accurate temperature control. Optical fiber avoids the drawbacks of antenna effect of conventional metal resistance temperature sensor, and solves multi-vessel digestion temperature deviation and uneven heating. Sineo adopts advanced multicore integrated optical fiber sensor, with an optical fiber diameter of 2 mm, its uses Teflon protective coating, and has small bending curvature, good fold-resistant and flexibility. The service life is 5 times longer than the single core optical fiber. TANK adopts advanced high-precision semiconductor pressure sensor, the whole conduction path conducts the anticorrosion treatment, realizing precise pressure control, with pressure precision of ±0.01MPa.

》TANK series has 2 magnetron, and its inverter microwave heating makes real-time adjustment of microwave output power according to the temperature and pressure feedback, thus the microwave field is more uniform and the control more precise. Inverter microwave heating can avoid the disadvantages of pause heating and frequent startup, effectively protect the magnetron, and reduce energy loss. Double magnetron heating and professional microwave focusing design can make the magnetic field distribution inside the furnace chamber more even, ensuring the consistency of the experimental sample digestion.

》TANK adopts aerospace composite Fiber materials Xtra Fiber to make the outer vessel which is invincible that can withstand 80 MPa pressure, completely eliminating the possibility of radial blasting. Its corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and shock pressure and many performance indexes are excellent, fundamentally solving the dangers in the process of using.

》TANK adopts ARM chip equipped with UCOS-II operating system, with stable and reliable operation. It uses 7 inches of LCD touch screen, with touch control for operation, smooth and simple. The screen gives the real-time display temperature- pressure curve. It has a built-in expert method library, which can be edited and store user methods. Built-in COT real-time T/P abnormity monitoring system can give automatic alarm when any reaction vessel has abnormal temperature and pressure, and cut off the microwave so as to protect the instrument. PRO version (TANK-PRO) has the Wi-Fi wireless control module, not only realizing point to point control between the computer and the microwave digestion instrument, but also using a tablet PC to realize control and real time observation within the local area network (LAN). It brings better experience for "comfort experiment and safe experiment". PRO version also adopts double screen design and is equipped with 5 inches of LCD color display for real-time monitoring of digestion vessel operation inside the furnace chamber through internal camera.

》With TANK 12-vessel of high throughput digestion capacity, it meets the pretreatment requirements of bulk samples. It adopts high-strength composite materials for enhancing strength, and reaches 1.7 tons of tensile test requirements, and its high pressure resistant frame is of thickening customization and can bear the high pressure during digestion. PEEK elastic tablet can resist high temperature, has larger rigidity and stable dimension, reach 19 MPa for bending strength and compression strength at 260℃, and can protect PFA vessel cover from being damaged during the digestion. TANK digestion tank adopts the design of automatic pressure release, which puts an end to the occurrence of dangerous high pressure explosion, and cancels safety membrane and other consumables, simple use and low cost.