Sineo participated in BCEIA 2011

Author:互联网 Time:2011-10-27

BCEIA is a famous analytical instrument exhibition in China. Sineo''s products have won BCEIA gold medal three time in 1997,2003 and 2009.  Microwave chemistry instrument from Sineo has long been recognized as leading microwave technology in China.


This year, Sineo brought “Green and Efficiency” concept to this event. New Microwave Synthesis system MWave-5000 and MASTER 40 vessel Microwave Digestion System provided High Efficiency and Eco Energy to customers.  Acid releasing product DAN-15 will be a good companion to microwave digestion system.  MDS-10 Microwave Digestion System and UWave-1000 UV.Ultrasonic and Microwave 3 in 1 reaction system are still the most attractive products to audiences.  


Safety, Reliability and Conveniency in Operation are 3 targets of Sineo's product.  Focus and Professional are spirit of Sineo.