Sineo Microwave Instrument got international recognition

Author:互联网 Time:2012-03-10
Export revenue of Sineo Microwave Chemistry Technology Company increased continuously in the last 3 years with 20% annual rate.  Export unit of high end Microwave Chemistry Instrument occupied about 15% of total shipment in 2011.  This is resulted from elevation of quality, performance and service of Sineo’s product, and the recognition from customers around the world. 
In 2011, Sineo participated in Arab Lab (Dubai), Analitica Latin America (Sao Paulo) exhibitions and 5 cities road show in India. Not just customers from traditional markets (e.g. India, Brazil, Russia, Turkey and Korea) were steadily increasing, it also stimulated potential markets in UK, Ireland and Canada.
n the meanwhile, Sineo strived to develop high end microwave digestion system, improving the drawbacks of international rivals and challenging the imperfection of existing products in industry.   Sineo led the technologies in composite fiber anti-corrosive vessel material, high strength carrousel design for high throughput vessel and conveniency of operation in details.  In order to deliver instant technical support and service to customers, Sineo provided technical training and coaching program to local distributors in major markets, building up word of mouth.   
For the long run, Chinese products have been accumulating more and more competitive advantages in Sample Preparation market globally; Sineo’s product is a typical model of Microwave Sample Preparation Instrument Made in China.