Sineo attended Analitica China 2012

Author:互联网 Time:2012-10-23

Opened on Oct. 16th at Shanghai New Expo Center, the Analytica China 2012 experienced the largest scale exhibition since 2002, bringing a big present to the 10th anniversary of Analytica China. And this was the 4th time that Sineo Microwave Chemistry Technology Company joined in this show. This year, Sineo has launched its new high throughput Microwave Digestion/Extraction Workstation- MASTER Series; and “lager volume & pressure control” Microwave Chemistry Reaction System- MWave-5000. These two products as well as our best seller 3 in 1 (Microwave-UV-Ultrasonic) Microwave Chemistry Reactor MWave-1000 were present in the show.

The MASTER Series attracted much attention for its high technology. This high-end product has overcome many existing counterparts’ shortages. It gives customer choices with different carousels of 15, 18, 40, and 70 Sample-Treatment-Capability. The Digestion/Extraction can be conducted with both temperature and pressure monitoring and IR all vessel temperature scanning. The design of the overpressure relief block ensures a tight seal of the closed vessel that avoids leaking and an easy outgassing afterwards. The advanced materials used provide a safe operation environment and a unique accessory -trolley help users handle the heavy carousel easily. At the same time, our Microwave Chemistry Reactors meet various needs from our clients who want big sample treatability and controlled pressure, or multi-energy induced chemistry reactions.
In the Ananlytica China 10th anniversary dinner party, a book named “Analysis Test of the Decade” published by Vogel China was launched. It records the developments of analytical instruments and academic achievements in China for the last 10 years. Acknowledged as the most profound company focusing on microwave chemistry in China, our CEO and chief CDO were invited to write an article about the headway of microwave technology in the book.
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