Sineo attend 2013 ArabLab Exhibition

Author:互联网 Time:2013-03-18
Sineo Microwave attended 2013 ArabLab Exhibition in Dubai from March 10th-13th. During the exhibition, Sineo exhibits its fist product, MASTER 40 vessel high throughput microwave digestion/extraction system. As a main scientific instrument manufactory of microwave chemistry technology, Sineo’s unique design, good quality of manufacturing, competitive price and service have attracted clients not only from countries of Gulf Cooperation Council, but also visitors from other continents of South Asia, Europe, Africa, and Australia.
Sineo has expanded and developed the market in Mideast during the last 7 years, we have customers in nearly every country in Mideast and all have very positive feedback. Well trained distributors in these countries are providing instant support to existing customers. In 2013 ArabLab, we got some orders from our repeat customers in Iran, Saudi Arabia, and India, and we also build relationship with more than 30 new customers.
Sineo has been striving to explore more international markets, and the sales continue growing as we obtained good reputation in quality and performance. Comparing to American and European venders, Sineo has its unique innovative design and price-performance advantages.